Going Beyond Ticketing

Starting in 2020 you now have access to a whole new platform to create and promote your events.  

 Loop-1 is now the ONLY ticketing company that offers the tools to reach and retain your customers.   We understand that social media is the #1 medium used to promote your events, but also know that in order for you to reach 100% of your customers you need to pay to boost your posts.  That is no longer the case. 

>> Welcome to Loop-1 <<

Loop-1 Social (Beta - full release in 2020)
You now have a brand new social platform, which allows you to grow your client base and NEVER have to pay or boost a post to reach them. No ads and No limitations

Loop-1 Radio
Get your message out on the airwaves, promote your artists and reach a whole new audience. Loop-1 Radio will be broadcasting on Itunes, Sonos, Tunein, Amazon Echo, Bose, and IOS/Android.

How it works

On the sign-up form you will be creating your new personal social account as well as your new organizers page that is directly linked to our new ticketing platform.  Once you have created your account and are in Loop-1 Social, you will go to your organizer account that was created for you.  Here you will see a button "Create Event", this will launch Loop 1 Tickets.  You will use the same login/pw you used to create your account. Once you have created your event, it will automatically build your social event for you with all your event information and ticketing links.  You DO NOT have to use the social application if you don't want to, as you still have the ability to use a custom URL from your ticket shop.

 Thank you for choosing Loop-1.

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