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Event Registration and Ticketing
2019 Features List


Create simple to complex events with the ability to have add-ons, additional fees, event images and more.


Share your event on multiple social platforms or use our built-in email marketing tools.


View and Respond to orders, see event analytics or create custom forms.


Create Custom Event Pages
Create a customized branded event page, complete with your own colors, logos, and images. No HTML coding required, just use our drag and drop editor

Offer Multiple Types of Tickets
Provide different pricing levels for a single event, including time-sensitive Early Bird pricing or limited Special Offer tickets.

Simple Online Registration
Attendees can easily purchase tickets or register online via smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

Create Powerful Forms
Create powerful checkout forms with our dynamic form creator. Ask any number of questions on your registration forms.

Custom Confirmations
Send custom registration confirmations and thank you emails with just a few clicks. Personalize the emails by automatically pulling information from the sign up data and event data.


Mobile Friendly Registration
Give your attendees the ability to quickly and securely register for your events directly from mobile devices

Box Office
Sell more tickets online with our amazing mobile box office functionality, print tickets, name badges and collect payments

OnSite Check-In Mobile App
Check in Attendees at the door using name or QR codes with our Ipad and Iphone app. Sync your list to your mobile app


Email Marketing
Send personalized email invites and schedule timely communications with your event attendees

Social Media Integrations
Post your event info to popular social media sites and allow attendees to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and more

CRM and Segmentation
Save all your attendees’ info in one place, and segment customer lists in order to make your email announcements and event invites more effective

Tracking Links and Affiliate Marketing
See which sites and ads are sending the most traffic to your website and registration page(s)


Reporting and Analytics
Organize, manage, and track correspondence with all attendees via our proprietary analtyics - that can also be easily exported via common formats

Respond to Questions
Answer questions and mitigate concerns from attendees within the event management application

Collect Information
Gather contact info and more from each attendee with Loop-1's open-ended or multiple choice questions

Name Badges and Check-Ins
Attendees can easily purchase tickets or register online via smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

Going beyond Ticketing on
January 1, 2020

At Loop-1 we know how important it is to get your message out about your event. We also know how you are limited on your growth through other outlets of marketing. On January 1st we are going to change all that

Build Your Brand - Control Your Data - Unlimited Reach

L1 Music

Digital marketplace to buy and sell music - 100% Royalties to Artists and Labels.

L1 Social

Build your network with no limitations and 100% control of your data.

L1 Radio

Listen to the latest tracks, broadcast your event, build an audience.