Voucher System - Restricted Access

If you need to restrict access to your event or parts of your event only to a specific, invited group. There’s two ways to do this with Loop1

Option A: Required voucher codes

If you check the option “This product can only be bought using a voucher” of one or multiple products, only people holding an applicable voucher code will be able to buy the product.

You can then generate voucher codes for the respective product and send them out to the group of possible attendees. If the recipients should still be able to choose between different products, you can create an additional quota and map the voucher to that quota instead of the products themselves.

Option B: Hidden Ticket Links

“This product will only be shown if a voucher matching the product is redeemed”. In this case, the existence of the product won’t even be shown before a voucher code is entered – useful for a VIP option in a shop where you also sell other products to the general public. Please note that this option does not work with vouchers assigned to a quota, only with vouchers assigned directly to the product.

This option is best used if you know the group of people beforehand, for example VIP members, and you can mail them their access codes.

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