Widget / API to embed Sales on your own webpage

Within your event settings, you will see the option called "Widget".  This is where you can get the code to embed ticketing sales directly on your website.

The widget will still open a new tab for the checkout if the user is on a mobile device.

To obtain the correct HTML code for embedding your event into your website,  go to the “Widget” tab of your event’s settings. You can specify some optional settings there (for example the language of the widget) and then click “Generate widget code”.

Follow the instructions for the Javascript Code there will be two sections.  

1)Header Code: This should be embedded into the part of your website, if possible. If this inconvenient, you can put it in the part as well: 

2) Ticketing Code: The second snippet should be embedded at the position where the widget should show up: 

You can  embed multiple widgets of multiple events on your webpage. In this case, please add the first snippet only once and the second snippets once for each event.

Colors for the options can be modified via the Event Settings / General / Shop Design

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