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Event Registration and Ticketing

Online and Onsite Event Registration and Ticketing

No per ticket fee : Instant Payments : Multi-day Events 

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Starting January 1, 2020 we will be offering services in Canada and Mexico.

Going beyond Ticketing on
January 1, 2020

At Loop-1 we know how important it is to get your message out regarding your event. We also know how you are limited on your growth through other outlets of marketing. On January 1st we are going to change that

Build Your Brand - Control Your Data - Unlimited Reach

L1 Music

Digital marketplace to buy and sell music - Set your own price and pay only .20¢ a download.

L1 Social

Build your network with no limitations and 100% control of your data.

L1 Radio

Listen to the latest tracks, broadcast your event, build an audience.

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